CDOT Traffic Signal Improvements

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cotter_cdot_traffic signal improvements_conmgnt_1
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Cotter is providing construction management services for this $20 million project located throughout the limits of the City of Chicago. The scope of work for the CDOT Traffic Signal Improvements project includes the installation of traffic signals, cabinets, mast arms, poles, cables, foundations, lighting, pedestrian push buttons, pedestrian rectangular rapid flashing system and temporary poles. Project also includes the design and build of pedestrian, vehicular, and bicycle detection cameras that were integrated into the existing Traffic Signal Controller for real time actuation, vehicle counts, video feed and controller telemetry. Restoration work includes sidewalk replacement, asphalt patching, pavement marking, sign and concrete restoration. As prime consultant, Cotter provided Resident Engineer, Documentation Technician and Field inspection for this project.  Responsibilities include project coordination, project documentation, producing and reviewing engineers estimates, plan constructability review, and change management. Duties also include close coordination with CDOT Project Manager, CDOT Resident Engineer, various City of Chicago Commissioners, Department of Electricity Operations office, detection camera manufacturer, designers and CDOT permitting office.

Chicago, IL



Project completion

Project Team

What’s been exciting about this project in particular is that our crew has been working with new, modernized technology we haven’t previously had the chance to utilize. Being able to serve our community using the newest tech has been incredibly rewarding not only as an engineer but as a citizen of this city.

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