Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital | Legacy Planning

Cotter worked with Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital during the earliest stages of planning and program formulation to create a fully integrated Legacy Plan that celebrates the former hospital and its connection to the larger community. Cotter and the NM Lake Forest Hospital’s Advisory Committee worked together to understand the institutional objectives of the plan, formulate a mission statement, and provide thoughtful recommendations to articulate the vision of the committee. Cotter developed execution plans, anticipated resource requirements, and financial models.

Photo credit: Lake Forest Hospital

Lake Forest, Illinois



Project completion

Project Team

This was a unique and rewarding project. It provided an opportunity to not only use our project management skills, but also be creative in assisting our client commemorate the old Lake Forest Hospital, the people associated with its history and the role of the hospital within the community. We facilitated the creation of a mission statement, designed a legacy icon, and explored various locations to recognize the significance of the Hospital through art and landscape.

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