Sharing your vision for a sustainable future.

We embrace sustainability as a challenge of continuous improvement and support this as integral to our client’s decision-making. That’s why our sustainability approach is so highly collaborative. We guide a communication process that ensures sustainability drivers and project realities align for successful implementation. To us, sustainability is about more than a certification process and completing a list – it’s about vision, strategy and results that achieve resource savings and support an improved quality of life.

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LEED-Certified Projects


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Service Team

I am energized to see that the momentum to adopt sustainable practices continues to accelerate in the industry and society. Contributing to a more sustainable world is my passion.


Program Consulting

We are passionate about sustainability and helping our clients conceive and implement sustainable programs for their built environments. We provide the expertise to guide this process in a manner that is forward-thinking and impactful.

3rd Party Rating Systems I LEED Consulting

An engaged and proactive approach and strong documentation is essential to success for 3rd party rating systems such as LEED. This is particularly critical for large and complex projects. We start early in the project process, and remain involved throughout, to ensure a well understood process and well documented result. We help clients first determine the appropriate 3rd party rating system for their project based on their priorities and circumstances. Then we guide the team to achieve those objectives through a set process, which involves feasibility assessment for success in the selected rating system; project visioning / goal setting; facilitation, design management and documentation in the design phase; training support and documentation during construction and through certification.

Commissioning Management

Commissioning is a planned, systematic quality control process to deliver fully functional, fine-tuned building systems that operate as intended. This involves comprehensive documentation and a well-trained operating and maintenance staff. Commissioning is a requirement for LEED certification. We believe that a well-implemented commissioning process, whether performed by a third party or an Owner's operations personnel, optimizes building energy efficiency, and results in a more trouble-free operation. We manage the commissioning process to make sure you realize long-term performance benefits.

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