CTA 95th Street Terminal Improvement Project

The new terminal expands passenger circulation areas and includes a new two-story station with increased lighting and security, offices, and full wheel-chair accessibility. The terminal accommodates six additional buses, increases enclosed and canopy-covered space by 30,000 sf, expands the platform length to allow for 10 train cars and features sound reduction panels at platform level.

Since 2014, Cotter has provided full-time on-site quality management services for the design-bid-build terminal improvements project. During design and procurement, Cotter provided oversight of the contractor’s quality processes for design submissions and established processes and procedures for the Owner’s Representative processing contractor solicitation packages. Throughout construction, Cotter performed continuous audits and oversight of the contractor’s quality program and design documents to ensure nonconforming work was tracked and resolved in a manner acceptable to CTA. Cotter also managed the close-out process to ensure project deliverables and close-out requirements were fulfilled until final acceptance.

Chicago, Illinois



Project completion


This 95th/Dan Ryan North Terminal and pedestrian bridge add critical components to a transit showcase that continues to create jobs and opportunities and drives economic development in this community.

Rahm Emanuel
Former Mayor of Chicago

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