Addison Creek Flood Control Reservoir

In 2004, the Addison Creek Restoration Commission (ACRC) was formed to implement a flood control project for Addison Creek and the Lower Des Plaines River Watershed in Cook County.

A study conducted by Christopher B. Burke Engineering showed that over a 50-year period, flooding in Addison Creek caused nearly $200 million in damages to surrounding communities including Northlake, Stone Park, Melrose Park, Bellwood, and Westchester. The MWRD responded with the Addison Creek Flood Control Reservoir project, creating a 960-acre reservoir with pump station modification, a new pump station, and channel improvements to reduce flooding and damage to the area. This project makes the surrounding communities safer and more resilient from extreme weather events.

Cotter provided cost estimating and staging plan services for the preliminary engineering team of this $104 million construction project. The Addison Creek Flood Control Reservoir is the sixth flood control reservoir in Cook County.

Chicago, Illinois


960 acres

Square footage


Project completion

Project Team

The Addison Creek project highlights the unseen underpinnings of engineering that support our everyday lives. It's had to imagine that the force and volume of millions of gallons of water can be diverted, contained, controlled, and then slowly released back into our waterways so that we can enjoy clean water and hundreds of residents surrounding the Addison Creek watershed can rest securely. I was privileged to be a part of the skilled team that combined their talents to complete the design for this project.

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