Kunal Patel

Project Manager II

Kunal Patel is a project manager with a wide range of experience in architecture and construction, allowing him to foresee potential conflicts and risks for a proactive resolution approach. Kunal’s management style places emphasis on communication, productivity, and conflict resolution. His specialties lie in the commercial, education, federal, public, and residential markets. Kunal is passionate about building a better world through smarter architectural design and construction methods that enhance build quality and quality of life for its inhabitants. He values challenging and complex projects, as they present the opportunity to rethink traditional project management methods and create new management strategies.

Certifications & Licenses

  • OSHA 30-Hour Construction Training

It is not an individual act, architecture. You have to consider your client. Only out of that can you produce great architecture. You cannot work in the abstract.

— I.M. Pei