IDOT IL-31 at IL-176 (East Terra Cotta Avenue) and at Terra Cotta Road

Reconstruction and traffic signal modernization project to increase the safety and the level of service for the intersection at IL-31 at IL-176 and at Terra Cotta Road.

This project involved removing an existing fifth leg of the intersection and replacing the configuration with a four-legged intersection. The new intersection includes dedicated left, thru, and right turn lanes. The project also removed an existing gas station to create a 10-foot-deep detention pond adjacent to a cul-de-sac.

Crystal Lake, Illinois



Project completion

Project Team

Every project has its hurdles to overcome. How well those hurdles are overcome is a good indication of the quality of the team and their ability to communicate effectively. For this particular project, getting over the hurdles seemed effortless as IDOT and Cotter personnel functioned extremely efficient together.


The Cotter team was proactive in maintaining the consultant budget for this project and kept in constant contact with the project team and IDOT to ensure the team was performing to the highest standard.

IDOT Staff Member

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