Elk Grove Village Gas-Insulated Substation

Cotter Elk Grove Village Substation Project Controls

Regional Utility Company’s new gas-insulated substation in Elk Grove Village, Illinois will span over five acres and is part of a long-range plan to meet an anticipated need for more power in the region. The new development expands the capacity of both transmission and distribution systems for expected data centers. The facility will increase high voltage support, capacity, innovation, and intelligence to the village’s technology park and O’Hare area.

Cotter’s engagement began with the development and maintenance of the project’s engineering schedule, then expanded to encompass the planning and scheduling of the entire project scope. Responsibilities included working with the utility company, engineering firms, vendors, and construction contractors to build and maintain the resource-loaded master schedule for the project. Weekly schedule reports are published, and frequent meetings are held with project management to ensure the timely execution of the project. On-site support will be provided throughout the construction phase of the project.

During Phase III of construction, Cotter leads scheduling development and provides on-site construction support for the regional utility company’s construction activities, as well as the integration of contractor schedules into the resource-loaded master schedule.

Elk Grove Village, IL



Project completion

Project Team

Working on this project gave us an invaluable opportunity to integrate the planning and efforts of an international team. I am grateful that our client trusted Cotter to play a part in this project’s success.

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