CDWM Blackstone Sewer Improvement

CDWM Blackstone Sewer Improvements Construction Management
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CDWM Blackstone Sewer Improvements Construction Management
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The Chicago Department of Water Management (CDWM) Blackstone Sewer Improvement Project in Chicago’s Calumet Heights neighborhood required the coring of an existing 96” brick-lined storm sewer within the vicinity of 36” Steel HP Gas Main at S. Blackstone and E. 90th St. intersection. Also, Installation of 3,600 ft of 24”-42” reinforced concrete pipe along S. Blackstone Ave from E. 90th St to E. 93rd St., E. 93rd St from S. Harper Ave. to S. Blackstone, E. 92nd St from S. Blackstone Ave. to S. Dante Ave, and S. Harper Ave. from E. 93rd St. to E. 94th St. Along with the storm sewer, the contract required installation of many City of Chicago drainage structures (CB, Ty A MH, and Ty B MH), concrete collars, roadway drain connections, and residential personnel drain connections. In areas where the storm sewer crossed existing 8” or 12” water mains, the water main was structurally supported or cut and reconnected. The site was restored using concrete base course within sewer trench limits, asphalt surface milling and resurfacing from curb edge to curb edge, removal, and installation of curb and gutter, removal and replacement of existing sidewalks and ADA ramps (per ADA requirements), thermoplastic, and landscape restoration.

The $2.4 million Blackstone Sewer Improvement project required continued coordination with Chicago Department of Water Management PM, CDWM Mason Inspector, General Contractor, CDWM Watermain Inspector (CTR), CDWM Watermain Designer, 8th Ward Alderman, St. Alibe Catholic School, and Calumet Height residents. Cotter maintained coordination with Calumet Height Residents through city flyers, in-person conversations with residents, and project status updates to the 8th Ward Alderman. Cotter used drone technology to collect information to assist in resolving a water main and storm sewer conflict at S. Dante Ave. and E. 92nd St.

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