Anne Cotter WBE Chicago

Celebrating Women in Construction Week

By Anne Edwards-Cotter, CCM

As a Chicago-based woman-owned construction and project management firm, Cotter is proud to celebrate Women in Construction Week. Below are some thoughts from Cotter President and Founder, Anne Edwards-Cotter.

I love being in the construction field. It started 50 years ago when I worked in my Dad’s concrete construction office in 8th grade, and it continues to this day. We are continually creating and improving. I never get tired of the feeling of pride when I walk into a project that I had a part in creating. I love that I share that pride with so many people who had a part in the project. I love that it takes so many people to reach the finished project. I still remember hearing the labor and delivery stories of the tradesmen when I walked a project at 9 months of pregnancy. I love the relationships that develop over the course of a project and a career. Projects forge strong relationships, especially the most difficult projects.

I am thrilled to see the great number of women in our industry. It’s come a long way in 50 years. Our industry provides great opportunities to build a fulfilling career. Let’s keep striving to make our industry the best it can be for all people.