Adam Roths, PE

Resident Engineer

Adam is a professional engineer with 15 years of experience in buildings, heavy highway, and bridge construction. His experience working on the contractor side allows him to see projects from a different perspective and generate solutions with a frame of reference not common in the consulting world. He brings a different point of view to the team and one that can be tapped for various areas of expertise. Adam’s knowledge has proved to be invaluable on projects when changed conditions have resulted in extra work. His positive attitude and collaborative nature foster a team atmosphere that results in successful projects.


  • Professional Engineer, Illinois
  • IDOT Documentation of Contract Quantities
  • OSHA 30-Hour Construction Training
  • IDOT PCC Level I


  • Illinois Road & Transportation Builders Association (IRBTA)

I believe in the term “work to live” but that doesn’t equate to being lazy at work. It's making sure that the people you work with, want to continue working with you because of your added value, ensuring your place in the workforce and contributing to a good life.

— Adam Roths, PE