Cotter and Neighborhood Capital Institute Create Working Group

Cotter Consulting and Neighborhood Capital Institute (NCI) have teamed to serve a need in communities with underutilized infrastructure and land assets by providing pre-development services, including land development planning and feasibility, to achieve community-driven, transformational development. NCI provides the leadership in development planning and Cotter brings project management to achieve the realization of the plan.

Who NCI-Cotter serves: Municipalities, public entities/agencies, hospitals, educational institutions and others that own, control or regulate significant infrastructure and/or real estate that is significantly underutilized.

What NCI-Cotter does: Helps clients advance their aspirations and priorities by creating development plans – or updating and activating existing plans – that align with community and marketplace alike. It helps clients retain greater control of their assets and their future, and helps clients retain greater economic benefits, including a reconnection to the larger economy to enhance efficiency and momentum in delivery of investment opportunities (both public and private) and improveing the tax base.

About NCI: NCI was founded in 2003 by Ruth Wuorenma, a land use and development expert who has focused her career on helping public, private, for-profit and nonprofit entities align goals and assets for mutual benefit and increased effectiveness. Her work as a land use lawyer and as a developer informs her research, her policy recommendations and her interest in advancing best development practices. She has deep experience in land use and entitlements, in the creation of new real estate products and systems and has a lifelong passion for community engagement that strengthens a shared sense of place. NCI is an Illinois not-for-profit policy and practice corporation, with federal 501c3 tax-exempt status.

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