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Bill Cotter General Counsel
Bill Cotter Vice President & General Counsel
Anne Edwards-Cotter
Anne Edwards-Cotter, CCM President
Sue O'Connor
Sue O’Connor Chief Financial Officer
Patrick Cotter
Patrick Cotter Vice President, Energy & Project Controls
Terri Danko
Terri Danko, PCM Vice President of Marketing & Business Development
Margaret Peschke
Margaret Peschke Director of Human Resources
Doug Blanchard
Doug Blanchard, AIA Vice President, Aviation
Joseph Hunn
Joseph Hunn, PE Vice President, Transportation
Deeta Bernstein
Deeta Bernstein, LEED AP Group Manager, Sustainability
Dorothy McCarty
Dorothy McCarty, AIA, LEED AP Group Manager, Education
Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy, PE, CCM Group Manager, Learning & Development
Drew Miller
Drew Miller Group Manager, Aviation
Cotter Welcomes Borut Vujic
Borut Vujic, PE Group Manager, Transportation
Chip Weir
Chip Weir Director/Group Manager
Barry Cain
Barry Cain, JD Managing Principal, Amuleto Advisory LLC
Lori Kelleher
Lori Kelleher Retired President and CHRO at Black & Veatch
Douglas McKeown
Douglas McKeown CEO, President and Board Chair at Woodard & Curran
Carole Tomko
Carole Tomko Board Member and Executive Advisor
Jeffrey Adden
Jeffrey Adden, EIT Assistant Resident Engineer
Matt Ahlstrand
Matt Ahlstrand, LEED GA Project Manager
Brian Ahmer
Brian Ahmer, CCM, LEED AP Project Manager
Patrick Aiston
Patrick Aiston, EIT Project Manager
Matt Baldassarre
Matt Baldassarre Assistant Project Manager
Michael Barkley
Michael Barkley Inspector
Ryan Bartecki
Ryan Bartecki, PE Project Engineer
Amador Castro
Amador Castro Acoustical Technician
Jagpreet Chahal
Jagpreet Chahal Project Engineer
Connor Dahlman
Connor Dahlman Project Accountant
Jeffrey Elliott
Jeffrey Elliott Acoustical Technician
Todd Faulstich
Todd Faulstich Senior Project Manager
Norma Fragoso
Norma Fragoso Customer Service Manager
Marty Frankis Senior Cost Estimator
Courtney Gosewisch Project Controls Specialist
Cynthia Glass CIT Assistant Project Manager
Dustin Griesmann Manager of Acoustics
Dustin Griesmann Manager of Acoustics
Susana Hagan
Susana Hagan Senior Project Administrator
Scott Hardy
Scott Hardy Project Manager
Alex Higbee
Alex Higbee, EIT Assistant Resident Engineer
Andrew Horn
Andrew Horn, CMIT, LEED GA Senior Project Manager
Keisha Johnson, LEED AP Senior Project Manager
Carol Klein, EIT Project Engineer
Mark LaFave EIT Manager of Operations and Controls
Ben Lambright Project Control Specialist
Vladimir Martinez Contract Administrator
Jose Montesinos, PE Resident Engineer
Lydia Morales Project Manager
Kathleen Moravcik Field Office Manager, Badging
Kathleen Morro, LEED GA Project Director
Loai Obaidat Inspector
Samuel O’Neil, EIT Assistant Resident Engineer
Jake Oostema, LEED AP Project Manager
Alexandra Westby Palutsis, EIT Project Manager
Susan Parlato, LEED AP Project Manager
Fred Petelle Inspector
Brandon Pejskar, PMP Project Manager
James Polous Inspector
Rene Quinones Project Controls Specialist
Andrew Rivers Project Manager
Pasha Rogers, ASQ CMQ/OE Quality Manager
Adam Roths, PE Resident Engineer
Alberto Ruiz Acoustical Technician
Jim Seiler Senior Project Controls Specialist
Brian Steckel Resident Engineer
Jack Stumpf, EIT Assistant Project Manager
Cheryl Talac AIA Senior Project Manager
Sevket Taskan Senior Project Manager
Lindsay Taylor Project Manager
Thanarat Thanakijlurskool Project Controls Specialist
Kathleen Tomek Senior Project Controls Specialist
Claire Tulloch, LEED AP Project Manager, North Texas Office Lead