Building Cotter’s Future: Professional Development at Cotter Academy

Cotter Consulting was founded in 1990 by Anne Edwards-Cotter as a one-person project management firm. Today, Cotter has a team of nearly 100 employees bringing program, project, and construction management services to the built environment.

Our outstanding team is what helps Cotter grow and in 2013 we implemented a new program, Cotter Academy, to support our employees and their professional growth. This program supports the professional development of our employees by offering leadership training, educational opportunities, and relationship building to encourage collaboration and communication between different Cotter groups. Those interested in the program are encouraged to apply and between eight and ten applicants are accepted for each academy session.

The first Cotter Academy session was launched in mid-2013 and involved ten participants meeting in approximately eight sessions over an 18-month period. Sessions covered a wide range of topics including Cotter history, philosophy, and culture, project management best practices, finance, business development, contract negotiation and risk management, leadership development, communication skills, and current industry trends.

Brian, a project manager with our Buildings Group and Cotter Academy participant, says, “Cotter Academy has been a wonderful experience in learning more about all aspects of our firm.  It’s also given me the opportunity to work closely and build relationships with our present and future company leaders.”

Cotter Academy is led by Cotter’s President and CEO, Anne Cotter with sessions presented by Cotter executives and external industry professionals who work with program participants to cultivate the next generation of leaders at Cotter. Joe, a project manager in our Buildings Group, says, “Cotter Academy gave us an in-depth understanding and appreciation for the behind-the-scenes parts of the business. We came away with the knowledge and practical skills to transition into management roles as the company evolves.”

We support the personal and professional growth of our team through Cotter Academy and other professional development and continuing education opportunities. We consider this an invaluable part of our culture and look forward to the growth of Cotter Academy and our staff in the coming years.